The front door is a central part of the home and a defining feature when it comes to buildings. As well as augmenting the aesthetics of your home, wooden entrance doors provide security for those within. They also contribute greatly to soundproofing and thermal insulation in buildings, while helping to balance humidity levels.

Ferestre Gold’s laminated wood doors feature a wide range of patterns, colours and designs, and have an excellent track record in terms of technical requirements. Our entrance doors are made mainly from pine and oak, which have high strength and resistance, ensuring durability and a long lifespan for your doors. Furthermore, each of our doors is made to order, taking into account the needs and preferences of our customers, so that the pieces we manufacture can truly be exceptional.

Our laminated wood front doors combine practicality with elegance, and can serve as a truly grand frontispiece for your home.

Technical specifications

  • Thermal insulation: The laminated timber cross-section frames for windows (72x86mm – 92x86mm) and external doors (72x115mm – 92x115mm) provide complete thermal insulation. Regardless of weather conditions outside, the frames inside maintain the temperature of the room.
  • Natural aesthetics: No other windows boast that particularly elegant, modern, warm and natural aspect provided by timber.
  • Exterior surfaces: The exterior surfaces are specially made to be environmentally friendly, with the REMMERS paint providing resistance to water and sunlight.
  • Rich colour palette: Our colour palette comprises about 200 different shades of both natural and RAAL paints.
  • Massive frames: They enable optional installation of high-performance insulating glass. The thickness of the insulating glass can reach 32-48 mm (1.26-1.88 in).
  • Warping: Laminated wood ensures minimal warping; and the layering technology of the profiles prevents premature deformation of doors and windows.
  • Bonding: The heavy-duty frame adhesives are classified in the D4 load group. The adhesives are resistant to water and to temperatures between -40 and +40 degrees Celsius.
  • Sound insulation: High-performance sound insulation is achieved primarily by fitting the glass onto a layer of very soft silicone, which has a high capacity for sound absorption.
  • Fittings: Our doors and windows are equipped with 3D hinges, ELZETT locks and ISO 9001 certified products.

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