Laminated wood windows

From the point of view of age, wooden windows are 20-25% more advantageous than pvc ones, as demonstrated by numerous studies. moreover, wood has clearly superior technical qualities to pvc. Wood is a natural, ecological product that does not contain chemicals, ensuring a healthy and restful micro climate.

It is a much better insulator than 100 pvc chambers and does not rust like pvc profile fittings. With these windows, high-performance sound and thermal insulation values ​​are obtained, which have a lifespan of up to 100 years.

The naturalness it gives to each home, the healthy microclimate and, very importantly, the aesthetic aspect transforms each home into a true oasis of nature. Triple laminated wood joinery windows can be used for any type of room.

For a better thermal and acoustic sealing, the hardware used by our company is roto hardware, produced in Germany, which allows a closure in several points along the perimeter of the carpentry and adjustments of the wings in three directions. The exterior closures are equipped with double or triple layer double glazed glass, there are a multitude of options regarding the type of glass used (transparent, mass colored, reflective, anti-burglary, sandblasted, convex, etc.).

The aesthetic aspect transforms every home into a true oasis of nature. windows with triple layered wood joinery can be used for any type of room: from the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom to the closing of the balcony.

Laminated wood is obtained by superimposing and gluing by pressing several layers of natural wood. Each layer is obtained by radial cutting of the wood, and the adhesive used is a special one, water resistant. The result is a rigid and stable structure, in which the deformations and volume changes of each layer are annihilated by the other layers.

Constructive technical description

Compared to other carpentry systems (AL or PVC), laminated wood can be used in the construction of complex structures, arches, arches, solids, load-bearing, entirely of wood and glass without the need to use other additional metal structures for reinforcement.

  • Thermal barrier. The profile of the frames in section (72 x 86mm – 92x86mm) for windows and terrace doors (72x115mm-92x115mm) for exterior doors in triple layered wood, Oak, Spruce, Nordic pine essence, ensures a total thermal barrier. Regardless of the temperature outside, inside, the frames maintain room temperature.
  • The natural look. At no other window will you be able to find the special, very elegant, modern, warm and natural look that wood gives.
  • Ramade wood is equipped with the most efficient drainage system outside of water infiltrations, through teardrop – anodized aluminum drip mounted in the lower frame.
  • The profile, in three folds, allows the installation of 3 rows of gaskets.
  • Exterior finishes. The finishes are special for the exterior, environmentally friendly, water-resistant, highly resistant to water and sun exposure. REMMERS, specially customized exterior finishes.
  • Rich palette. The color palette is very rich, of about 200 shades, both natural and RAAL type
  • Solid frames. Allows, optionally, the installation of a high-performance insulating glass.
  • Optional thermal insulation glass can reach a thickness of up to 32-48 mm, even with 3 sheets of glass with different characteristics each. Manufacturer Primer Electro Tg mures
  • The triple layered wood ensures a minimum deformation. The technology of stratification of the profiles prevents the deformation of the windows in time. The forces acting in the direction of deformation cancel each other out.
  • High-performance hardware. The windows are equipped with modern hardware, such as SIGENIA. Also available for systems, oscillating-swinging with three-dimensional adjustment, very resistant, which ensures a perfect operation over time.
  • High-performance adhesives for frame layering are from the D4 stress group. The adhesives are resistant to water and temperatures between -40 and +40 degrees Celsius.
  • Sound insulation. The high-performance sound insulation is mainly due to the fixing of the glass on a very soft silicone layer, with a high noise absorption capacity.

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