Experience in the production of doors and windows

You don’t have to be a specialist in laminated wood, respectively in the production of laminated wood doors and windows, to realize that this is by far the best and healthiest building material at the same time.

If we could sell all our experiences for how much they cost us, we should all be millionaires, said Abigail van Buren. we do not believe that only those who have worked with all these materials and systems for many years can be called experts in double-glazed windows, laminated wood doors and windows.

Going through all the 3 phases, first of production of aluminum carpentry and later of pvc, we can say that there is no equivalent between laminated wood carpentry and anything else, even if sometimes we accept the architectural version of aluminum carpentry plated with laminated wood

No matter how, the freedom that laminated wood gives you is by far a great advantage, because you can make countless variations of profiles, glass thicknesses, essences and coloristics of the fiber, so that it will always look good.

You will never be able to put pvc double glazed doors and windows on a wooden house, because it would be a bad joke, not to mention the aesthetics. Statistically speaking, 80% of our customers come from those who have previously had either aluminum or pvc and only 20% of customers want and understood at first that they will finally get laminated wood, even if it is not equal in price to the others.

Surrounded by so many laminated wood joinery factories that matter either that the wood is cheap, or that the varnishes, paints and double glazing are cheap, and the profit is as high as possible, we have chosen to strictly adhere to the principles of carpentry. vii, which we fixed, when we identified that the erection of a factory of laminated wood doors and windows must be done on the principles of a healthy life and that this is what suits us best.

The eco layer principle is suitable for any green business, so implicitly a factory of laminated wood windows and doors with personality and is nothing more than a sum of laws that we have established and we also make sure to respect the naturalness that it confers. every home, the healthy microclimate and, very importantly, the aesthetic aspect transforms every home into a true oasis of nature.


If we visit monasteries and churches hundreds of years old and see how wooden windows have been preserved for so long, then doesn’t this modern invention, the technology of laminated wood and modern paints guarantee us that laminated wood joinery lives at least 3 generations? Our philosophy is that, by producing laminated wood windows and doors, we give life to constructions through the joy of their appearance and durability, and the interpenetration of wood fiber, which leads to increased quality compared to classic wooden windows, to be an overlap of life essences.

Our care for people begins with the first employee and ends with the desire for our great-grandchildren to say that their great-grandparents were thrifty people, because they chose to ennoble their house with such beautiful and durable doors and windows. Caring for the environment forces us to treat wood as a gift from God and to give it value through our quality contribution of processing. And our concern for profit will always be only that the exchange for money of what we offer will be only with the joy of obtaining a wonderful thing that is fully worth the investment. Is this a philosophy?

We are waiting for you to meet us and you can feel the laminated wood joinery, to tell us if it can ever be replaced with another material. In order for our “philosophy” to penetrate, so to speak, we must first get to know each other and then take a tour of the clients together, who have all become our friends, because that’s how things are with us. That is why we say that we make from laminated wood only doors and windows open to the customers’ souls, so that the house can live with us and our great-grandchildren.

Therefore, we only want our great-grandchildren to sell to your relatives and great-grandchildren other new models and shapes of laminated wood doors and windows.


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