Exterior doors

For wooden doors we offer a variety of patterns, colors, essences (spruce, pine, oak) or design. They meet the highest requirements for safety, thermal and sound insulation, tightness and last but not least finishing. 

The interior closures with the SC Binale Stratificate are structurally layered in accordance with the European standards in force.

Wood components in final thickness of:

  • 55mm (“gereb” type frame) are made of laminated wood northern pine or oak with softwood core brought to 12% relative humidity, made of 2 layers, gluing being made with waterproof category D3 adhesive.
  • 40mm (sheet) is made of laminated wood northern pine or oak with softwood core brought to 12% relative humidity
  • the boards are made of laminated wood northern pine or oak (in the case of positions finished with blue and lacquer)

The accessories with which the above closures are equipped are :

  1. Glass
  2. Slats fix the glass
  3. Hardware
  4. Gheder for silent closing

1.       Glass:  

The interior closures are equipped with 4-6mm glass depending on the requirements (transparent, sandblasted, mass colored, reflective, convex, decoration, duplex. Secure, etc.). To prevent vibrations, apply transparent silicone perimeter.

2.       Glass fixing slats:

The glass is mounted and fixed in the sheet with the help of glass slats. This slat has dimensions and sections well determined by the shape and section of the haircuts from which the closure is constructed. The slats are made of wood material, having the same qualitative and technical characteristics as the rest of the wood material used in the manufacture of closures. The slat will be fixed with the help of type I staples shot with the equipment specially designed for this operation.

3.       Hardware:

The interior doors are equipped with 3D hinges, ELZETT lock, ISO 9001 certified products.

4.       Gheder for silent closing :

The maple is of German and Swedish origin, manufactured to the norms prescribed by ISO 9001. The maple is made of modified wear-resistant elastomeric polymer, delayed aging capacity thus guaranteeing long years for. ensuring good flexibility. At the same time, it complies with the ISO 14001 norms regarding the protection of the environment. The color of the bow will match the finish of the ordered closures.


SC Binale Stratificate products are delivered finished. The closing of the closures is executed exclusively with the products from the professional range REMMERS, undisputed leader in the field. The products are ISO 9001 certified. Variant: BAIT and LAC
  • Bait (in over 40 colors) with a combined preservation role
  • Water-based primer
  • Water-based varnish
The films have been specifically designed and made to cover windows and doors and other wood surfaces.

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