Laminated wood windows

In terms of their longevity, timber-framed windows surpass PVC windows by 20-25%. Wood is a natural, environmentally friendly material that creates a healthy and relaxing environment.


Laminated wood shutters

Not only are our laminated wood shutters aesthetically pleasing, they are also functional, gently filtering out sunlight and maintaining the appropriate level of privacy.


Interior doors

Laminated wood interior doors are an excellent choice for designing the inner areas of your home. These doors not only bring functionality and practicality, but also add style and warmth to home interiors.


Front doors

The front door is a central part of the home and a defining feature when it comes to buildings. As well as augmenting the aesthetics of your home, wooden entrance doors provide security for those within.


Solid wood staircases

Our solid wood staircases are more than just a simple link between floors – they are genuine works of art where each detail emphasises elegance and sophistication in its own unique way.


Panelling and flooring

The panelling and flooring are crafted from high-quality wood, offering durable and resilient solutions. Additionally, they contribute to maintaining comfortable temperatures in the home, thanks to the excellent thermal insulation properties of wood.


Kitchen furniture

Functionality, aesthetics and longevity combine to make our wooden kitchen cabinets an exceptional choice and create a kitchen where cooking is always a pleasure.


Bedroom furniture

These pieces of furniture are not merely functional, as they are durable and stylish design elements that add a unique character to the bedroom.


Garden furniture

Whether you’re having a family barbecue or enjoying a glass of wine in the garden on a pleasant summer evening, you can never go wrong with solid wood garden furniture.


Hotel furniture

The enduring natural beauty of our solid wood furniture contributes a luxurious atmosphere to any hotel for years to come.


Wood and brick houses

Both wood and brick houses contribute to a healthy and comfortable home environment, and what’s more, combining the two materials offers even more attractive options.


Other products

At Ferestre Gold, we always strive to offer the widest possible range of products to our customers. Not only do we carry a wide range of doors and windows, but many other products made out of wood as well.


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    FERESTRE GOLD 9 reasons for choosing us

    1. Broad range of products

    In addition to the range of standard products we continuously produce, we also take on custom orders and offer joinery products in the size, colour and shape of your choice: front and interior doors, windows, solid wood staircases and much more.

    2. Guaranteed quality

    Each piece is manufactured with great care and passion, ensuring compliance with the highest of technological standards and lending elegance to the individual pieces.

    3. Longstanding experience

    With over two decades of experience, we can offer solutions to any challenge in the trade.

    4. Healthy products

    What could be healthier than a product made of natural materials? Wood joinery allows your home to ‘breathe easy’, ensuring a healthy environment with good air circulation and free of damp, mould and condensation.

    5. Comprehensive services

    We cover everything from consultancy and design to manufacture, installation, service and delivery to give you a complete experience.

    6. Affordable prices

    One of our strengths is the value for money we offer. Throughout the years we have managed to find the optimal balance between quality products and a fair and attractive price. We pride ourselves on one of the lowest prices on the market, and premium quality has become our trademark.

    7. Quality materials

    The timber is carefully selected and imported from abroad, especially when it comes to laminated wood. We use Remmers water-based, environmentally friendly paints made in Germany, which lend the wood durability and strength.

    8. We are recognised

    We are a well-known company both in the country and abroad; we have customers and partners in other counties as well as EU member states. We have secured our reputation on the market owing to the quality of our products.

    9. We are reliable

    In our relationship with our customers, we are guided by values such as mutual respect, trust and honesty, enabling us to provide the security of a reliable partnership.

    FERESTRE GOLD 20 years of experience in manufacturing doors and windoes

    At Ferestre Gold, we have been indulging our passion for high quality wood products since 2013, offering a wide range of unique solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Each of our joinery products is crafted with passion and care, ensuring quality through German technology and the elegance of each piece.


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