Garden furniture

Whether you’re having a family barbecue or enjoying a glass of wine in the garden on a pleasant summer evening, you can never go wrong with solid wood garden furniture. These singular pieces will set the mood for outdoor events and bring nature even closer to you.

Placed anywhere in the garden, solid wood garden furniture radiates natural warmth and will only become more attractive over the years. The quality of the wood also ensures its durability, as it is resistant to weathering and UV rays, providing the furniture with a long lifespan. As they are crafted from solid wood, these pieces of furniture are exceptionally robust, ensuring safety and stability against strong winds and external impacts. Additionally, the natural insulating properties of wood help prevent them from heating up significantly on hot summer days compared to furniture made of other materials.

Ferestre Gold offers a wide range of practical and unique solutions for garden furniture as well, so that everyone can enjoy the cosy and pleasant experience these pieces offer.


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